Octavio Paz has said: 'an imprisoned man has only to close his eyes to be able to blow up the world.' I would add, in paraphrase: it would suffice for the white pupil of the cinema screen to reflect the light which is proper to it, to blow up the universe. the cinema is capable of putting him into a state of ecstasy more effectively than any other mode of human expression. but more effectively than any other, it is capable of brutalising him. --Luis Bunuel

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trailer Reactions: The Overnighters (2014)

The trailer for the most anticipated and buzzed about documentary at Sundance is finally here. Jesse Moss's The Overnighters is a unrelentingly important film that speaks volumes about the devastating unemployment struggle in America right now. Not only does it tell a story about what it means to be an American in this day and age but the story also focuses on a local pastor who risks everything to help them. 

I have been pining to watch this film and luckily, I was able to at LA Film Fest this past year and it was one of my favorite films of the fest. I did a mini review of it in my Top 5 Films of the Fest (down below) so check that out before I do a full length review soon. But before that, watch my trailer reaction and bring out those tissue boxes cause my reaction is an emotional one!

The Overnighters is one of the most important films about America to come out in the last decade! If this trailer doesn't convince you to watch the film, I don't know what else will. Mark your calendars folks and witness all the praise on October 10th!

Here my short and sweet review of The Overnighters! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thank you everyone for helping me reach 1000 subscribers and tuning into my channel! I'm trying to change my channel a little bit so I can showcase more segments and have more content! Let me know what I can do to improve on and what not! A few of my announcements are:

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3. New York Series! (October)


Film Review: Starred Up (2013)

I saw Starred Up at LA Film Fest this past year and I absolutely fell in love with this gritty father and son prison drama. It is finally coming to theaters in New York and VOD this week! If there are any films that you should see this month, it is this film. A troubled and explosive violent teenager Eric (Jack O'Connell) is transferred to an adult prison where he finally gets to meet his match--his father (Ben Mendelsohn). Rupert Friend also stars in this as Eric's counselor who is battling his own demons. 

I thought that after seeing The Prophet (2009) that I saw the ultimate realistic portrait of the inter-workings of prison life but Starred Up is another unrelentingly riveting piece about prison culture and male behavior. Remember Jack O'Connell's name cause he's soon to be blowing up everywhere starting with Angelina Jolie' Unbroken (2014) about the life of Louis Zamperini. If you haven't seen the trailer, please do! It's probably going to be the film that puts O'Connell on the Hollywood map! We do need a more well-deserving and uber talented leading man other than the likes of Sam Worthington or Shia LaBeouf (sorry). Let me know what you think of Starred Up. And if you did watch it, what your favorite parts were!

See my LA Film Fest review of Starred up starring from 5:50

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'Death Race 2000' Stills

(1975, Paul Bartel)

Grade: B

Monday, August 25, 2014

BADASS FEMMES: Tina Belcher from 'Bob's Burgers'

Badass Femmes is a bi-weekly column that I write on Crome Yellow about all the Badass Females in pop culture that has shaped my life.

This week I talk about the incomparable Tina Belcher from Bob's Burger and her effortless DGAF style that has everyone alike swooning and chuckling. Tina has got to be one of the most talked about and adored character in recent animation history. This little 13-year-old has changed my life for the better and hopefully many other young females and males. Read more here...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gregg Araki's 'White Bird in a Blizzard' Poster & Trailer

As a long time Gregg Araki fan, I can tell you that I am overly excited for White Bird in a Blizzard to arrive. Although, Shailene Woodley is like the new Jennifer Lawrence and have inundated the Independent and mainstream film scene to the point of nausea, but I am interested in seeing her range as a troublesome teenager who, like the trailer, shows her indulging in some sexual activities amongst other things. This is quite an explosive trailer that exposes many hidden secrets within Kat's (Shailene Woodley) family when her mother Eve (Eva Green), suddenly disappears one day. Araki hasn't come out with a film since 2010 with Kaboom so I am elated to finally see another film by him. I'm also hoping they release another poster because the one above makes it seem like a sappy Nicholas Sparks romance film. Come on, you can do better than that. 

Araki is no ordinary Independent filmmaker that just dabbles in teenage coming-of-age stories but one who actively pushes the boundaries of conventional story-lines and characters to highlight the dark aspects of youth. Without a doubt, his masterpiece film Mysterious Skin starring Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of my favorite films of all time that is one of the most important and haunting LGBT film I have ever seen. JGL is mesmerizing in the film that'll leave you taunted and spellbound. And I am sure White Bird in a Blizzard comes will have the same effect! Gabourey Sidibe is also in it so it has to be good! Be sure to mark your calendar, the film comes out on VOD September 25 and in theaters October 24!

Trailer Reactions: The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2014)

This is my trailer reaction to Studio Ghibli's The Tale of Princess Kaguya from the Co-founder of the company, Isao Takahata. We are so used to seeing Ghibli films by Miyazaki but this time, we get a glimpse at the other  is based on a very popular 10th century Japanese folktale that is basically known to every Japanese child. The story centers around a Princess Kaguya who was discovered as a baby by an old man who sells bamboo. When Kaguya grows up, 4 men from prestigious families propose and Kaguya asks them to find memorable marriage gifts. The premise sounds like a rom-com but paired with the intensity of the soundtrack and the beautiful fluidity of the animation style, we just might have a hauntingly mesmerizing story on our hands. The Tale of Princess Kaguya already came out in Japan last year but it will hit US Theaters starting October 17th! It looks incredible! I cannot wait for it to come out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Film Review: Life After Beth (2014)

Year: 2014
Director: Jeff Baena
Country of Origin: U.S.
Rating: R
Time: 91 mins

Just when we were all getting pretty sick of Zombie films, the co-writer of I Love the Huckabees (2004) and who is also Aubrey Plaza's boyfriend, Jeff Baena, decides to explore the world of the "zom-rom-com" with Life After Beth. We first witnessed the birth of the zom-rom-com genre last year when Warm Bodies made it's cutesy debut and it's clear that this is a genre that is here to stay. Although the zombie genre has been sucked dried, ripped apart, and pummeled to death at this point, props to Baena reviving it in this decently refreshing and endearing take on modern day romance with a black humor twist and the biggest help from its all star indie cast!

The film begins with Zach (Dane DeHaan) distraughtly asking the store clerk if they have any black napkins, it is assumed that he is going to the funeral. It is soon revealed that it is the funeral of his unexpectedly deceased girlfriend, Beth (Plaza) who got mysteriously got bit by a spider/bug (?) of sorts. After Zach has a grieve-induced bonding experience with Beth's parents played by none other than John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon, they soon become distant towards him upon learning that Beth crawled her way out of her grave and came back to life. Unable to process the logic behind such an act, Zach blindly becomes deliriously drunk in love (cue Bey's song!) by Beth's oddly normal and resurrected presence and embarks on adventures he regretted not doing with her when she was alive. Even though Beth has no recollection of herself dying or breaking up with Zach, she is not the same Beth they know and love. AKA, she is exactly everyone's worst nightmare. Beth is supersonically violent, aggressive, absent-minded, and physically filthy. I mean come on, she is a zombie who is technically deteriorating right before our eyes guys. 

All though the premise is treading on tepid waters, it is the indie cast that keeps this hellish relationship comedy afloat! For both of the leads, DeHaan and Plaza play characters they have not portrayed from their polar opposite roles in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Parks and Rec, respectively. DeHaan is a Dracula reincarnated with his all black attire and his undeniably endearing and potently convincing love-strucken act while we see Plaza ditch her usual dead-pan stance to embrace a more dramatically colorful costume such as being a flesh-devouring zombie who is emotional! Horray! And who doesn't want to see Reilly and Shannon play delusional and lovable parents who just want their baby back! Awwww...

Clearly, this is a movie about puppy love because once Beth's mental and physical state starts rotting away, so does Zach's love for her. We all know how this story starts and ends but it's the immensely humorous and eerie vibes in between that keeps the film's heart beating a little bit louder and longer. With so many all-star players who I've mentioned and others I haven't (secret), Life After Beth is one of this year's feel good indie summer flicks that you won't regret watching. And if you do, you have my permission to ravage and ingest my flesh. ;D

'Revenge of the Green Dragons' Poster & Trailer

WHOA. Could this be it? Could Revenge of the Green Dragons (2014) be the next big all Asian-American cast film since Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)? I mean hell, Martin Scorsese is executive producing this 1990's NYC-set action crime drama with Andrew Lau & Andrew Loo who was inspired by Frederick Dannen's New Yorker article chronicling Asian-American gang life in Queens, NY. It's awesome to hear Scorsese and Lau sort of "reuniting" after Scorsese remade Lau's Hong Kong crime pic Infernal Affairs into his own Oscar-winning 2006 film The Departed! 

The story follow immigrant siblings Sonny (Justin Chon) and Steven (Kevin Wu aka KevJumba) who join Chinatown's Green Dragons in pursuit of their own American Dream, only to find themselves at odds when Sonny turns against his brother and the organization. Ray Liotta and Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) and Shuya Chang also star in this crime drama. It's heart-warming to know that YouTube status super stars like KevJumba was able to jump from the small screen to the big screen. It's known that the Asian American community is pretty knit-tight and it's obvious from YouTube that Chon, Shum, and Wu have all been  huge collaborators from the very beginning. This is our generations Better Luck Tomorrow! I am overly excited to see this film because it will discuss some of the same Asian American struggle that I have gone through and still do. Also, I love screaming AMURIKAN DREAM! 

Normally, I wouldn't feel so hopeful for another gangster-type of film especially with an all Asian American cast because come on, we all know for some reason there is a serious lack of Asian American films that are intelligently crafted, acted, and executed besides probably erm.. (mutters under breath) Better Luck Tomorrow (In love with this movie OBV). But considering Scorsese, Lau, and A24's stamp on it, I can only hope to turn this cynicism right-side up! It will also premiere at TIFF this September and will be available on DirecTV for 30 days starting September 11 before A24 takes it to theater in October.