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And The Oscar Goes To....!!!

Even though i had to work on Oscar night once again! I managed to get a glimpse of it right before Daniel Day-Lewis won for Best Actor. I was squealing, jumping, and hypnotized by the television. All the customers thought i was pretty much crazy until i told them that this was my version of the Super Bowl or the World Series. No one seemed to understand but i was ecstatic and full of ecstasy. (Click here for the winners of the Oscar's 2008)

And a friend had told me that there was a skit on SNL about There Will Be Blood, so check it out.

or go here...

Bill Hader's portrayal of Daniel Plainview is astonishing and hilarious. It amazes me how he managed to sound EXACTLY like him. And Amy Poehler as H.W. is hysterical.

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Universal Andy. at: February 27, 2008 at 9:57 PM said...

ummm... SNL version not funny at all you probably just wasted like 5 minutes of my life right there cause i thought it was going to be funny. thanks so i appreciate it.

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