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Burn After Reading ( Sept 12 )

Brad Pitt has some awesome films coming out and its really strange that im actually obsessed with him. i dont want to like him because hes the epitome of what every girl wants but honestly, hes such a versatile actor that i cant help but drool and adore him. the coen brothers' are coming out with a new film called burn after reading staring none other than brad pitt!! (sounds all good to be true.) along with pitt--george clooney, john malkovich, tilda swinton, and frances mcdormand co-star beside him. i cannot believe that they assembled such an A-list cast. and i have no doubt that this film will get an oscar nom. im sure that even though they are the coen brothers, they just cannot manage to win best picture two years in a row. its just not possible. that'll just be insane. on the other hand, brad really needs to get a oscar nomination for something. (hopefully he gets a nom for his role of benjamin button, who knows) every role he's played, he did it with perfection. k, im being biased kind of but its truly mesmerizing to see him act. just watch...

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ak47 at: July 25, 2008 at 3:08 AM said...


love me some Coen

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