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An Imaginary Place...

gad, i cant wait to go to new york. i have still yet to buy my tickets.. i should get on that soon... i took this picture on my way to vegas and let me just say, i dont want to go back for a very long time. i was thinking that vegas is a joke and how its a such a fake place. its a made up city made of real cities. the people, the place, the events are all fake, as well as things in los angeles. when they say, "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas", it is completely true. things that happen in vegas does not necessarily relate to the realities of the outside world. i guess, this is why i want to go to a place outside socal. i dont know socals good but theres just something missing. some realness. some darkness. some life. 

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drknkook at: July 29, 2008 at 7:53 AM said...

You should visit Gotham sometime. It's fairly close to Metropolis. I hear Star City is fairly real too. But of course, not as dark as Hell's Kitchen.

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