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The Darkest Week.

i seriously cannot wait for the dark knight to come out on friday. i managed to get tickets to the midnight showing at amc 20. trying to get tickets to the imax was too much trouble. and this whole week, im going to have a batman marathon. i plan to watch tim burton's batman and batman returns and christopher nolan's batman begins.  ive even bought all my favorite childhood batman series that i also plan to watch such as batman beyond and batman: the animated series. and then i went to borders to purchase batman: the killing joke by alan moore and brian bolland. i dont think im over doing it. i feel as if im not doing ENOUGH. i dont want to see or read any sneak peeks or reviews till the actual movie comes out so i can watch it fully without any knowledge of whats going to happen. but there is a clip that is out that i simply refuse to watch. so, i intend to share it with you guys. enjoy!

or go here...
and if anyone wants to have a batman marathon. im sooooo there. im planning on dressing up kinda like the joker on friday. so if you see a short girl with white face paint and red lipstick, dont be scared, its just me...

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drknkook at: July 14, 2008 at 7:38 PM said...

2 words...FREAKING AWESOME. That's the first time i saw that trailer and it is freaking unbelievable. Not sure if I should watch the midnight show, or just go to work till 12 and watch it at noon on friday.

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