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holy crap. today at 12:00am the dark knight comes out and i bet that everyone from across the states are in the same position that i am in. yeah.. thats right, im so excited i might just pee in my pants rah now. and im not joking. this whole week ive tried to brush up on my batman knowledge by watching multiple episodes of batman beyond and reading batman: the killing joke, and yet, i dont feel prepared to see this movie. and im not just overreacting. its quite and accomplishment on behalf of christopher nolan to be able to have this much creative freedom and yet please the money-hungry studios. its been a very long time since someone was able to do that. i was browsing and stumbled upon another batman poster and like my friend jennifer leung said, the ratio to the amount of batman to joker poster is significantly larger. try like 1:5 larger, batman to joker. i mean, its a good promoting strategy to have heath ledger on every possible billboard out there but seriously, bale isnt getting any love, and i love bale. and yeah, i must admit that in the dark knight, heath ledger is completely going to steal the show and outshine possibly every villian on the face of this planet (including fiction and non-fiction villians, that is if the joker was actual real) and make them look like little fucking red-riding hood. this is the newest poster i came across.

i'd say that i liked the other joker poster much better. but this next one (whether it is fake or not, i think not) is a chiller..

and i honestly dont want to spoil the movie but i found these two images that completely gave me the chills. and i MUST share.

like honestly, for the joker to go out of his element and go to this extent scares me. and i feel like some psycho teenagers are going to see this movie and think its "cool" what the joker is doing and cause havoc in their own city. ( i dont know, im just saying) heath has said numerous times that he was inspired by alex from a clockwork orange and that back in its day, the film influenced kids to create chaos in the uk. and alex is possibly the best person anyone can emulate to present that sheer insanity and anarchy.
THIS FILM IS GOING TO BE EPIC. and im not just saying this cause im a fan. i know christopher nolan wouldnt do anything short of completely mind-fucking amazing. with such high demand, theatres even added a 3am and 6am screening and is estimated to at least make 130 mil in its opening weekend. but i think it might just blow everything from titanic to spiderman and gross an ungodly and disgusting amount of money and make history.
p.s. if you see me in my jokers outfit.. say hi. hahha

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drknkook at: July 17, 2008 at 6:26 PM said...

I just wish there was this much hype about Superman Returns. I really thought that Returns was an excellent reboot of the Superman franchise. I admit, some parts of the film were subpar, but overall, it was spectacular.

Anyways, have fun with Dark Knight!

:o at: July 19, 2008 at 6:53 PM said...

the nurse outfit with the extended clip auto glock is gang bangin'

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