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Daily News: Pitt and Depp (& i dont mean together)

this is a complete dream come true. my favorite actor and director are coming together and making a uberviolent WWII film called inglorious basstards, with pitt as protagonist Lieut. Aldo Raine. Simon Pegg (hot fuzz), eli roth (dir: hostel), and b.j. novak (the office) has joined the cast as im assuming, as part of pitt's army. it is due out june 2009. 
Tim Burton has decided to recreate the classic Lewis Carroll fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. and who else would burton cast as of one the characters none other than depp? depp will possibly star as the mad hatter which does sound like a complete trip. the 1999 tv debut version of wonderland, as i can recall seemed imaginative and well cast. but i have no doubt that burton will really capture the imagery and story of carroll's story. i wonder who will be the cheshire cat because i can vaguely remember whoopi goldberg being pretty fitting for that part. regardless of the cast, i know with burtons name on any project, itll result in dark (yet colorful) imagery and induce a trip on the audience when the film comes out in 2010. (and duuh, its going to be in 3-D!!!!) 

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