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Teen Flicks with Real Meanings? Nahhhh...

i was watching Charlie Bartlett the other day and i kept thinking about teen flicks. in these kinds of films, theres always a simple concept but behind it, underlies the themes of trouble teenage life. (ie: drugs, pregnancy, psychological problems.) films such as saved, breakfast club and many others seem like a pretty corny teenage movie that unexpectedly turn out to be a story with some truth and heart. and i still think it couldve been darker but then again, it is just a teenage movie aimed at tweens.

anton yelchin stars as charlie bartlett--who's the next big thing next to shia lebeouf--with upcoming roles in 'terminator salvation' 'star trek', 'new york, i love you'. i became in instant fan when he was in alpha dog in 2006. Nick Cassavetes' alpha dog was based on a true story of the kidnapping and events of nicholas markowitz (yelchin's character). so check it out.

in bartlett, yelchin's love interest--kat dennings--is starring in a new teen comedy coming out soon called nick and norah's infinite playlist (oct. 3) and house bunny (aug.22). playlist is based on a book by david levithan and rachel cohn. the movie seems cute and all but by no comparison will it deal with the serious problems of teenage life (and no, love and relationships don't count in this) kat dennings seem to play the same character is all her roles. (ie: the whiny, constantly irritated, rebellious daughter) she doesn't shine to me, she seems like the typical wannabe actress in hollywood. and as much as her upcoming film looks like an indie flick, it certainly does not have the feel to it. possibly because the voice of movie-fone is narrating it.

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regardless of its typical boy meets girl story line, playlist seems like its going to be fun. and i always love watching aaron yoo act.

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Your review is accurately awesome about this movie.

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