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The Olympics. (are the only damn thing i can think about right now)

every two years we have the pleasure of watching the olympics or the world cup, and i could not be happier. im not that into sports but something about these worldly events get me so riled up. day four of the olympics: which is why, i havent been updating as much as i would like to. my apologies. im completely enthralled and enveloped with the swim competitions as i was once a swimmer myself in my golden years. but really, back to the subject, i shall update soon. bear with me... 

the 400 meter freestyle relay was just unbelievable to watch. if you havent watched it, then go to nbc.com and do because that single moment went down in history. phelps now has two gold medals. two down and six more to go!

but in all seriousness, i have so much to talk about. so i will try not being a laziass and write. 

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