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Orgasm to your Ears...

ive been listening to the dark knight soundtrack and it reassured my theory that when making a movie, if the music isn't good, the entire film can be a hit or a miss. im not saying that having bad music will make a film necessarily bad, but it won't evoke the same kind of emotions that the director intended the audience to have. there are so many great soundtracks but these are the only ones that come into mind right now...
1) garden state. while i was watching the movie, i knew it was good. but didnt know how good it was till magazines after magazines kept lauding it. so i sat down and listened to the music alone without the visuals and it was very... liberating and calming in many ways. zach braff has a knack for these things. he also picked the songs for the last kiss and it was amazing as well..
( listen to: coldplay - dont panic, zero 7 - in the waiting line, frou frou - let go, theres so many other ones, just dl the whole soundtrack)

2) once. sweeny todd. hairspray. moulin rouge. but theyre all musicals so enough said.

3) she's the man. yeah, i know it's not one that comes to mind when thinking of great soundtracks but it has really catchy tunes. im not going to lie, it's a guilty pleasure...(listen to: the faders - no sleep tonight, dave lichens - let go)

4) there will be blood. anything jonny greenwood does is mesmerizing. it was like i was in heaven--i was watching d-day but also listening to radiohead, it really cant get better than that! 

5) juno. jason reitman must really like the folk genre because he picks similar songs for all his movies. in thank you for smoking, the music was folkish and in juno, it was folk/acoustic. 

6) all quentin tarantino films. he picks the most unique songs that get stuck in your head and makes sure that you dont visualize anything but his films when you hear the songs elsewhere. for kill bill, RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan produced and orchestrated it and you can hear it. 

7) THE DARK KNIGHT. im so impressed its crazy. its like requeim for a dream, if it wasnt for the music, the whole film wouldnt have the right mood to it. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard who worked on Kung-Fu Panda and The Happening, respectively--before collaborating together to create the dark knight soundtrack--formulated a marvelous and almost disgustingly impressing series of songs for the film. (listen to: like a dog chasing cars, the dark knight)  

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VINCENT! at: August 2, 2008 at 4:15 AM said...

oh man! i loved the soundtrack to Once! oh! and your title should have been "Eargasm" haha. just a suggestion! haha

drknkook at: August 2, 2008 at 11:07 AM said...

Not sure if you'll like it, but I really enjoyed the score for Transformers (composed by Steve Jablonsky). The soundtrack that was released was eh, but the score is amazing.

Raychl at: August 7, 2008 at 9:31 AM said...

Yeah I recently got both The Dark Knight and There Will Be Blood soundtracks. I just can't pull my ears away from the beauty. Another really good soundtrack that is hauntingly beautiful is The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford.

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