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i want to be a beautiful loser.

i do recall watching this preview for beautiful losers some time last year. and i wanted to watch it while i was at the vegas film festival but somehow couldnt make the date. and so, here i am reunited with the film via myspace advertisement that just came out this past friday in los angeles at the landmark nuart. chhhheckk it.

im thinking that im just going to work insanely a lot to gather enough money for ONLY new york, a new camera, some clothes, and film related things. i hate the fact that time is money. theres still so many things left to do. i need to get started on my college apps if i want to transfer in time. and i decided that if i really try. i mean really try with like good ol' sweat and tears, ill be able to attend usc or nyu. i just need to have more faith in myself. i need some kind of inspiration. 

beautiful losers presents the do-it-yourself artists of the 90s, who have created art without succumbing to the art establishments. and what i don't understand is how one can follow certain guidelines for art. its art. the options should be limitless. and im thinking i should have a back up major but if this is what i want to do and am willing to live with five other people in a one bedroom apartment just to pursue my dreams then so be it. and im not saying that if these people can do it so can i but, it's certainly a look into the lives of these artists who have sacrificed many things to achieve their dreams.

yeah i need to stop this madness and just do it. my dad's favorite motto in life: just do it. and sometimes life is just better that way...

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Richel at: September 1, 2008 at 1:29 PM said...

I'm crazily interested by araki's photos. i think I've probably been desensitized to all that nudity after watching stanley kubrick's a clockwork orange. it's a little strange, and the concept is hard to grasp.

are you into photography? I'm starting to develop this weird fascination with cameras/taking pictures.

drknkook at: September 2, 2008 at 3:40 PM said...

I'm sure you'll make it to USC or NYU if you wanted to. And you're being too nice with The Punisher. It deservers a C or even a D.

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