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he's so flyyy..

OK, so my friends and i go to Hermosa Beach's Saint Rocke to see Justin Nozuka perform only to find out that the place is 21+ and over. we so infuriated and appalled that we sulked all the way to mama d's and ate our frustrations away. and thinking that HE is here. HE IS HERE. IN CALIFORNIA. we couldn't miss the chance to actually see him, or at least talk to him! so we go back and at this point, we're so determined to talk to him. the shitty bodyguard who kicked us out was standing in the front like a big bulging rock in everyone's way. so, there was this man standing outside of a bus and i kindly asked if this was justin's bus and he kindly said yes. and then i held my breath and asked if we could see him. the bodyguard was nice enough to say yes and within a few minutes justin nozuka was in front of me. honestly, i don't think i talked so fast since the dark knight came out. (i tend to talk excessive amounts when very nervous) i practically told him my life story. overall, he is an amazing songwriter/performer/man. and im crushed that i couldn't see him perform. but hey, after expressing my love for his songs, at least i got to meet him and actually tell him in person. now, thats cool.

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