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Flash. Give Me Passion. Flash. Flash.

ive been writing my USC essay and the topic i chose was PASSION. what is passion? what is my passion? what can be constituted as passion? after strenuous hours of contemplating these questions, i thought about films with passionate characters. sure sure sure, those true life stories adapted onto the big screen has passionate characters but what does it take to actually move the callous opinionated society of today? at the moment, all i can think of is all forms of art. and within the art department, there is a little thing called music. and everyone loves music. while viewing multiple previews in the theatre, one caught my eye and actually made me ponder about people's true passion. check out this trailer for the soloist. call me sentimental but i was moved...

or go here...

i think it was bach's cello suite no. 1 that got to me...

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Stephanie Cho at: November 11, 2008 at 12:49 AM said...

oh my gooshh! that movie looks soo goood! i'm so glad i checked out your website :)
is it out yet??
that cello piece was so beautiful.
*sigh* you're right. music does move us and arouse passion in people. :]
you have very cool insights and your writing is so eloquent! it has vitality.
what kind of art are you most interested in? hm i just remember you entering that photo contest that one time...i think you have an artist in you :) pursue it!!

Brenda&Alyssa at: November 12, 2008 at 3:03 PM said...

I am mos def retarded and didnt see that your comment was linked to yourrr blog!

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