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another year, another 46289572 more films to watch...

i think this year i watched more films than i ever did in five years. i watched about 127 new films this year. and thats just NEW films. i tend to watch at least one film everyday before i eventually fall asleep. 2008 wasnt a GREAT year but it was a year of progressing development and experience. i mean every year should be a year of development and experience but this year has a little bit more to offer. i watched everything from foreign to the 60s to indie to blockbuster films. ive been getting lazy the last half year that i didnt actually realize the kind of impact the films that i watched this year had on my life, until now. and to think of it, i have discovered new directors and new films that i now consider my all time favorite because of this year. i guess now i can say i had a pretty good year in the film department.

my all time favorite director, stanley kubrick has had a huge impact in my life due to his iconic films.

feb. 21, 2008: A Clockwork Orange

after one kubrick film, youre hooked.

feb. 24, 2008: 2001: a space odyssey

march 1, 2008: eyes wide shut
april 7, 2008: lolita

april 10, 2008: THE SHINING!!!

wow, ive watched some amazing films this year that are seriously worth checking out.

feb. 29, 2008: harold and maude

march. 20, 2008: cecil b. demented

david lynch

march 27, 2008: mulholland dr
march 30, 2008: inland empire (honestly dont watch this at night or by yourself. i learned it the hard way..)

april 4, 2008: lady vengeance

april 14, 2008: IRREVERSIBLE!!!

april 29, 2008: brazil
may 9, 2008: 8 1/2
may 14, 2008: the piano teacher
june 25, 2008: the wackness
july 18, 2008: the fountain and the dark knight

july 29, 2008: elephant

july 30, 2008: conversations with other woman
sept. 5, 2008: blow up
dec. 4, 2008: cache
dec. 24, 2008: changeling
dec. 25. 2008: the curious case of benjamin button

whew! there are so many more films that i watched but these are the significant ones that have become my utmost favorite. i hate making resolutions cause half the time i dont accomplish them anyways but here we go.

1) watch more films (naturally)
2) get into film school
3) improve my photography skills
4) travel
5) be happy and have fun

haahhaha is that too much to ask? i hope everyone enjoyed 2008. until next year. bye!!!

4 critiques :

Miss Karen at: January 1, 2009 at 12:56 AM said...

I've been wanting to watch Inland Empire but I've heard it's really bad? I'll definitely watch it during the day though hehe.

STARR at: January 2, 2009 at 1:47 PM said...

I'm going to need to look a few of these up. I love films :)

julia kim at: January 3, 2009 at 12:13 AM said...

so! you're so cute!!
i love your ambitions and your passion for the things you do.
hope you have a great year!
good luck on your film school applications!! miss you!

withasianstereotypes at: January 6, 2009 at 11:45 AM said...

I need to watch the majority of these... where have I been, honestly? I loved the shining classic Stephen King. You should give Takashi Miike films a shot although it's a bit gruesome and gore filled the way he portrays certain scenes are interesting if not unusual for horror. I've recently watched "ichi the killer" and "audition" very, very hard to watch and by watch I mean sit still. I love how your blog is centered on your interest on films.

♥, China L.

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