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wendy and lucy (dec.10)

since i am already failing school, i might as well just update you of the oscar worthy films yet to come.

wendy and lucy already came out yesterday but kelly reichardt's lastest independent film starring michelle williams is sure to hit close to home. it may seem like a 'into the wild' for girls with a slightly different motive. it is about an alienated woman who decides that there is nothing keeping her in her home state of indiana and sets out to relocate to canada with her trusty dog and companion, and try to potentially seek work at a local fish cannery. just watch the trailer.

or go here...

the trailer oozes doses and doses of vulnerability. when writing this, reichardt thought of the financial crisis our country was going through and the endless amount of victims suffering from its consequences. the last scene is truly haunting to me in that williams projects the downfall of the american middle class workers. it simply isn't enough to just pass by, but the struggle and hassles one encounters ultimaltely, becomes unbearable as you can witness. its filmmaking at its most rawest.

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Preto Novo at: December 13, 2008 at 9:06 PM said...

this looks quite intriguing. from the trailer, it looks similar (slightly) to Vagabond (sans toit ni loi) by Agnes Varda, but it probably isn't...i mean after reading your description. hmmm
- Robbin

withasianstereotypes at: December 14, 2008 at 11:35 PM said...

You have such amazing taste in cinematography you should consider becoming a critic or something in that matter. It looks like a powerful film, moving and edgy. I adore how you described it, it's as if you've captured the entire movie to me even if I have yet to watch it. A brilliant and gorgeous girl baby you've got it down.

♥, China L.

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