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The Oscars are just right around the corner. And the nominees were announced this month and the competition couldn't be any tougher. (click here to find out the nominees) With No Country for Old Men and Atonement going against There Will Be Blood for the the best picture, it is hard to decide which way the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) will sway towards. There Will Be Blood has a total of 8 nominations and I'm sure they will go home with at least two for best actor and best adapted screenplay. The other categories will be tough to determine who will win for best director, best picture, best editing, best art direction and best cinematography. None other than Jon Stewart will be hosting this year's Oscars yet again on Sunday, February 24, 2008. So tune in to see who will go home with a little something or with nothing at all. I will write my Oscar predictions a little later. Till then, tell me who you think is going to snag an oscar.

P.S. im really hoping that they settle the writers' strike so the show will go on... oh please god...
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I watched 'There Will Be Blood' this week and it left me speechless and mesmerized. After taking a five year vacation, Paul Thomas Anderson (Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia) finally decided to return to the camera. This movie is an adaptation of Upton Sinclair's novel, Oil! starring one of the greatest actors of the century, Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano. They played their characters with such conviction and intensity that my eyes were glued to the screen for the 160 minutes the film ran. a movie that runs 160 minutes seems like a bit grueling and tormenting but this movie is worth it. Paul Dano who plays Eli Sunday, impressed me and even though his acting chops can never be paralleled to someone of Day-Lewis' stature, but still, it was one of the most potent performances i have ever seen.

This movie made me realize the extent people will go to for money. From the beginning to the end, Day-Lewis who plays Daniel Plainview, displays such a commanding and paramount performance that will be difficult for his acknowledgment to go unnoticed. I'm so proud he won a golden globe for best actor. And anderson truly captured the corruption, lies, and wholly flawed Plainview to perfection.

Anderson who attended NYU for two days but dropped out after turning in some of Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet's work as his own and got a C on it. That just cracks me up. and i think he is a very idiosyncratic director, which makes him that much better. And the musical score was what made the movie whole. Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood composed all of the songs for the film's soundtrack within three weeks. god, i love radiohead.

'There Will Be Blood' is one of the most compelling, fear provoking, and heart stopping film i have ever lain my eyes on. and with this prestigious ensemble, it is no wonder they got a golden globe nomination, and hopefully an oscar nom too. so, don't even bother to get some popcorn, cause your mouth will be open the whole time from awe that you won't even have time to breathe. check it.
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What these four films have in common besides their close release date is that they all have a random cast. Without the right cast, a movie can be a hit or a miss. And even though all four of these movies involve random actors and actresses, it is undeniable that the movie will impress some more than others.

-The Air I Breathe (Jan 25) 

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Jieho Lee's first movie, the air i breathe, has an exceptional 
cast starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon, Brendan 
Fraser, Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Emile Hirsch, 
and Julie Delpy. Who knew Sarah Michelle Gellar would 
make a comeback to film, especially. She was also cast in 
Southland Tales in which she has a role alongside 
of dwayne johnson, mandy moore, and justin timberlake 
(so random!) But the air i breathe seems 
like its going to be a good movie that deals 
with the inevitable emotions of life.

-Jumper (Feb 14)

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Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen who happen to be not very good actors have come together to make this action 
packed sci-fi movie about a guy who has the abilities to teleport himself anywhere. Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane, and 
Jamie Bell finish the cast to Jumper. and yes, its the 
kid from billy elliot. and no, you won't be expecting 
Samuel L. Jackson to have a cursing outburst like he did in 
snakes on a plane. hopefully bilson and christensen will be
able to redeem themselves in this movie.
please god.

-My Blueberry Night (Feb 13)

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I know what youre thinking. Norah Jones acts? apparently 
she does. and for her first film, she gets to work with
golden globe and oscar nominated actors from Jude Law to Natalie Portman to Rachel Weisz. Natalie Portman never
cease to amaze me. in every movie, she displays such 
versatile characteristics that she constantly keeps me 
guessing what she will do next. this movie is only going 
to be shown on limited theatres but it seems like 
it'll be worth the drive...

-Penelope (Feb 27)

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A girl with a pig nose? too good to be true? haha, not. i 
was a bit skeptical about this movie considering that
it sounded too ridiculous, but after seeing the cast, it 
might just be a solid feel good movie.
the always talented christina ricci stars in this movie with 
no other than james mcavoy, reese witherspoon, 
peter dinklage, and catherine o'hara. seriously, what hasn't james mcavoy done yet. i think he has covered every genre.
and reese, who is straying away from her normal roles and 
got cast to be the free spirited and corky friend.
it'll be an interesting movie i'd say...

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2008 will be a glorious year for movies. There are movies for EVERYONE this year, and i literally mean EVERYONE, no matter who you are, (ie: stoners, harrison ford fans, trekkies, wannabe wizards, BIG lovers).  With the Writers Guild of America on strike, movie companies tried to cram in as many movies into 2008 before they lost all their writers. So with so many movies to pick from, i wonder which film will be anticipated the most?


New York wasn't the same without them and i know millions of girls weren't either. The girls are back and they are looking better than ever. I want to cry every time i see a movie still of them just walking down the street strutting their stuff in their jimmy choo's, chanel, and even those gigantic flower pins that are loyally glued to carrie's outfits day in and day out. But what the plot is, is unclear at the moment. Even in the trailer, there's no sign of what is to come. But i am certain that carrie and big will have a falling out, charlotte will have baby news, samantha will be looking better than ever at the age of 55, and miranda's unrelenting cynicism will return. With that said, i hope to be dressed avant-garde and cannot wait to see how many boyfriends will get dragged into this movie by their girlfriends. i can just imagine the theatre right now, ratio, women to men, 100-6. i know nick will be one of them... 


I know nick and stoners all around the globe are just waiting for this movie to be released. most stoners cant even remember half the things they say or do the minute after it is done but i assure you, they will remember the date this movie comes out. i dont know how they did it but the guys who brought you superbad and the 40 year old virgin have done it again. and i have no doubt in my mind that this movie will be epic. i dont want to say more... just watch the trailer...

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-IRON MAN (May 2)
God, its so weird to think that Robert D
owney Jr. is going to be Iron man. you would think that iron man would be played by someone with Christian Bale's physique (ie: at least 6'0, cut, shaven, i dont know just better) i guess its hard to say if he'll pull it off. i put this as one of the movies of 2008 because it will probably have amazing CG, better action sequences, and even a more random cast than Southland Tales (Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, and imdb even says Ghostface Killah) 
actually, i take that back cause nothing can beat southland tales' cast. 


Are you seriously going to ask me why i want to see this movie? Are you even looking at the same picture as i am? This picture screams or shall i say chuckles out the epitome of joker's pinnacle of insanity. come on. i dont even want to explain why this movie will be amazing. i have 6 more months to rant and praise this movie and i will do it unwaveringly everyday till you get so sick of me talking about it that it will make you not want to watch it. But till my next thoughts of the dark knight, i shall show you this. its an adaptation of what the dark knight would be like if it involved the offices' cast. enjoy...

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k. im getting incredibly lazy...

-HANCOCK (July 2) : going to be a big fourth of july hit. its about a regular man whose a super hero. and the main character is played by will smith. didnt they already do a story like this one. and wasnt it called i am legend. i just hope he doesnt die at the end... 

-EAGLE EYE (Aug 8) : some competition against pineapple express and honestly i think people will choose pineapple express over this, despite its A-list cast. its action movie directed by spielberg, where my favorite, shia labeouf is mistaken for a terrorist and leads to a cat and mouse game. thats what i think...

-WALL-E (June 27)
Sally would love this movie and so would i. considering how its a robot who cleans up after our shit. not literal shit but mankind's waste. i fucking love pixar. i smell another oscar in their way...

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