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halloween is long over but i would like to share my halloween outfit. 

im sure you can guess what i was by now... if not, ill give you a hint and say, i was a certain infamous character in a stanley kubrick classic. got it now? and my friend amy, was tom cruise from risky business of course! she was going to be lydia from beetlejuice but she said it was a hassle to put everything on so she surprised us by dressing as THE 90s movie icon! so simple, yet so genius... (i swear she got the idea from the new guitar hero commercial) 

i love halloween, i cant wait for next year!!
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last weekend, afi fest was happening down at arclight in los angeles and let me tell you, WHAT A DAY IT WAS! the morning was intense (ive been overusing this word a lot) with multiple interviews of executive producer of gossip girl, director of sydney white, premieres of other samsung fresh films, and just interacting nonstop with many cinephiles. caitlin, my fellow filmmaker and many others roamed around la and ate at the imfamous in-n-out.

as you can see, i was overly dressed for the event. i just wanted to look nice. IS THAT A CRIME?! i think not. shortly thereafter, i had to leave because discovery channel was coming to my school to shoot the astronomy department. the episode is called cosmic collisions or something, so watch out for that..

oh yyyyes, the preview of the documentary i did for the national guard is now up online. cccccheck it. my group had tonya as our feature national guard... and she was aaaa-mazing.

and yeaaah, ive heard so much about amoeba and never been so sally and i decided to stop by for a liiittttle visit.

look at that. seriously. it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. im a fan of music but im a bigger fan of dvds. and as soon as i got to the dvd section, i started to hypervenilate. no joke. it was an astronomical amount of dvds from different countries and genres. i was like a kid in a candy covered disneyland. and the sea of cute boys didnt hurt either...

so yeaaah, i always wanted a film filled day but man, it was exhauuuusssssting...
but honestly, even though it was physically and mentally draining, I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT..


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ive been writing my USC essay and the topic i chose was PASSION. what is passion? what is my passion? what can be constituted as passion? after strenuous hours of contemplating these questions, i thought about films with passionate characters. sure sure sure, those true life stories adapted onto the big screen has passionate characters but what does it take to actually move the callous opinionated society of today? at the moment, all i can think of is all forms of art. and within the art department, there is a little thing called music. and everyone loves music. while viewing multiple previews in the theatre, one caught my eye and actually made me ponder about people's true passion. check out this trailer for the soloist. call me sentimental but i was moved...

or go here...

i think it was bach's cello suite no. 1 that got to me...
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