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Is this love?

Revolutionary Road is about a young couple in the 1950s living in new york suburbia trying to come to terms with their personal problems. Sam Mendes, who also happens to be Kate Winslet's husband, beautifully crafts a story depicting the static and conformed lives in suburbia. i was enthralled with the reunion of the powerhouse actors known simply as none other than kate and leo. winslet continuously impresses me more and more with each project she pursues. these two actors set the bar so high for each other that you really shouldnt expect anything less than a chilling and phenomenal performance. their passion and chemistry with each other is simply undeniable.

 do not expect to come out of the theatre happy. be prepared to feel emotionally drained as you walk of the theatre. i was mostly depressed for many minutes thereafter as i contemplated about the possible altercations to my future life.And even though i watch many films with devastating plot lines, after i usually walk out thinking what an incredible film that was. but with revolutionary road, i was just DEPRESSED. it was good. it was raw. it was incredible. but something was different. it made me think differently about how i wanted to live my life. i guess the film slapped me in the face and help me fully realize that i should live life as it should be: without regrets. and as i now and have lived my life without regrets, it propels me to live life even more to its fullest extent. with or without love. A
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Oscar season is here and last week, Entertainment Weekly named the 25 Movies You Need to See Before Oscar Night. so now my mission is to watch as many of these films as possible. you think i can do it? ill probably only complete half the list but here it goes..


Man on Wire
Frozen River
Wall E
The Visitor
The Duchess
The Wrestler
Tropic Thunder
Rachel Getting Married
Gran Tarino
I've Loved You So Long
Revolutionary Road ( WATCHING TONIGHT)
Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader
Synecdoche, New York
The Dark Knight (of course)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

wow, i didnt think i was at this big of a disadvantage. man, ive been getting lazy or something.. i think the oscar nominations come out next week so hopefully by then, i will have at least half this list completed. if i were to watch all these films consecutively it would take me 2 days, 1 hour, and 35 minutes. (i didnt add it up, EW did, haha)

damn alrighty, there so much on my plate at the moment with winter classes, my portfolio, work, oscar films and netflicks, its quite overwhelming!

alright, here we go...
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my legs move faster and faster
as my heart remains static in the past
sweat drips down my face
i turn to only see a boulder rapidly rolling down
i wont fear
i wont judge
i wont yell
i will accept what's already been done
so i stop in my tracks with my heart in my hand
i close my eyes with fear washed across my face
in hopes that the boulder wont crush me once again
my legs stand frigidly
sweat enveloped palms rubbing against my heart

it slows down.
a look of optimism.

smiles turn into frowns
when the sun shines, the only thing thats next is darkness
it rolls down faster and faster
i will not run
accept. accept. accept.
i stand. just stand.
the mound finally strikes
thousand bolts of light rip through my body
i open my eyes to find that i am alright.
i am ok. i am fine.
or i will be fine.

fear disappears and i look down
to see that the only thing it really took
was my heart.
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