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...tomorrow, where would it be? for me it would be...

yep, thats right. it'll be TOKYO! michelle, nikki and i decided to go watch the cinematic triptych of three simulating tokyo-set stories directed but none other than michel gondry, leos carax, and joon-ho bong. it has the same style as paris, je t'aime and new york, i love you; each of the directors made their short about their own perception of human relationships and interactions based in japan. i cannot wholly say which short i liked the best. each one them had their own whimsical twist and turns. but what i can say about it is that its completely worth checking out. even if that means driving 30 minutes out of your way...

sorry for my lack of explanation. it would be better if i could just make a video to express how i really feel about each short more thoroughly. im actually gonna think about it. cause writing is becoming more mundane to me as the days past. i want to be able to express my thoughts and feelings visually, if that is any way possible. 
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i got into cal state long beach's film school. aahhhhhhhsome!! now, we wait for ucla and usc! cross your mothafuckin fingers!
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this is not what i think it is... is it?

It seems a group of activists in the Ukraine calling themselves the UA Resistance, invoked the spirit of Tyler Durden by lighting up the side of an apartment complex in the form of a giant smiley face. The act was done in a non-violent effort to make a statement about the corruption causing high prices on apartment flats in the country.

and now im thinking, im a huge fan of fight club and chuck palahniuk. but will i actually go this far into making a political statement...? seems stupid at first but, if it doesnt actually harm anyone, then why not...

p.s. i fucking love that quote. it defines who we are as americans and what we have become. and we're all very, very pissed off...
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this is quite amazing. my two favorite actresses coming together and making a faux advertisement about a faux perfume made by one of the most respected directors of the 20th century, roman polanski... watch and enjoy...

or go here...

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hello there! ive practically been "dead" so my apologies. like many of my fellow bloggers, i have decided to write only when i am inspired. that may be everyday or ever other month. however, i will do my best to provide you with all the latest information about new film releases or of my recent viewings. i know i have been focusing on film in general in this blog, but ive decided to branch out. i may talk about my museum field trips, art exibitions, architecture, photography, books, artists, musicians, or just whatever the hell i want. so to start off the renovated and improved blog, i shall talk about the films ive seen so far... and what i may have learned from them...

* i cant really give ratings to these films cause theyre almost all subjective...

im not there.
the warriors.
meeting people is easy : radiohead is more brilliant than they ever were.
slumdog millionaire.
revolutionary road : i dont want to live in the suburbs. i need the city lights shining down on me.
ichi the killer :
the wrestler.
yes man : that i should start saying yes more. which i have. and now, i think i cornered myself into hanging out with certain people i dont want to.
joint security area.
three extremes.
dumplings : apparently eating babies will make you younger. and the things people do to retain their youth.

the strangers : horror stories dont neccesary need to make sense anymore.
soylent green.
the odd couple : jack lemmon can play one hell of an annoying guy.
palindromes : we've been brainwashed as children to want children
suicide club.
little children. people never try to see the situation from the other side. they never want to place themselves in someone elses shoes. they will always think THEY are right. and we are wrong.
he's just not that into you : protrays women as crazier than ever. and its true. we are pretty crazy when it comes to the opposite sex.
the reader.
milk : that i should support gay marriages more passionately and vigoriously
rachel getting married : anne hathway proved herself worthy for an oscar. and the script is aaah-mazing.
the lives of others : people will always look upon each other with jealousy
eraserhead : you can make up a crazy story but if the lightings good, your film will be great
THX: 1138 :
muriel's wedding.
step up 2 : i really just want to dance.
the seafarers.

coroline : amazing. just AMAZING.
the jonas bros experience : im glad i walked out of the theatre in one piece.

trouble everyday : i never thought there could be a film that would shake me to the core of my bone like this film did. i honestly am speechless. the images, acting, music, lighting were all so haunting that if i even think about it for a second, i will get nauesous. this is good filmmaking. but honestly, i dont ever want to see this film ever again. it was like watching a car crash in slow motion. excrusiating. yet, you cant look away. you've been warned.

so there you have it. yes, i do have a life outside of my movies. but i just choose to revolve my life around them.

im honestly, completely worn out. almost 50 days of consistent movie watching. its as if i have been drowning in moving pictures...
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