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if you could wake up anywhere...

...tomorrow, where would it be? for me it would be...

yep, thats right. it'll be TOKYO! michelle, nikki and i decided to go watch the cinematic triptych of three simulating tokyo-set stories directed but none other than michel gondry, leos carax, and joon-ho bong. it has the same style as paris, je t'aime and new york, i love you; each of the directors made their short about their own perception of human relationships and interactions based in japan. i cannot wholly say which short i liked the best. each one them had their own whimsical twist and turns. but what i can say about it is that its completely worth checking out. even if that means driving 30 minutes out of your way...

sorry for my lack of explanation. it would be better if i could just make a video to express how i really feel about each short more thoroughly. im actually gonna think about it. cause writing is becoming more mundane to me as the days past. i want to be able to express my thoughts and feelings visually, if that is any way possible. 

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The Clothes Horse at: March 30, 2009 at 3:22 PM said...

That sounds like a mini marathon. I love Tokyo.

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