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i used my imagination.

its very odd and enigmatic but thats whats so appealing about it.

or go here...

and theres a few things you guys should watch out for:

1) a film short shot in my film production class.
2) a possible macdonalds vandalizing project (its for a good cause, i swear)
3) a possible music video in pre-production.
4) new photos.
5) i want to make a little film book but im not sure what to exactly focus on... any suggestions?
oor, a poetry book with scribbles drawn by yours truly...
6) aaaand! its set! im going to cal state long beach for film in the fall. ehh, good enough...

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drknkook at: May 3, 2009 at 12:45 PM said...


It's a short made by a producer I know from a effects studio. Sort of makes fun of Mcdonalds

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