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The Limits of Control (2009)

I honestly wonder what goes through Jim Jarmusch's head when he starts a new project. like i understand what he was going for when he wrote and directed the limits of control; he wanted to talk about the subjective aspects of life. and so, with those ideas he concocted a film that is just that: a subjective film. and now in many ways, i related to the character when he said "I used my imagination." because the movie in its entirety was a bore. but each frame was shot so beautifully that it would be more appropriately be studied at a film school. I must admit, i almost fell asleep watching him walk around and sip his two cups of expresso in silence for 90% of the film. But don't get me wrong, that's not all that happens, when the characters do speak, it is worth listening to. and i hung onto every word while they stated their own subjective views of art, film, and life in general. and now that i think back, I'm beginning to understand what kind of message Jarmusch wanted to get across but I don't think I can state it sufficiently here. I would just recommend people to watch it with caution. But understand that everything in life from the little bugs crawling on the floor to the outer space satellites that circle the earth can be and is subjective. GRADE: __

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