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NEVER in my life have i laughed so hard at the movie theaters till i saw Bruno. rarely, does anything at the theaters make me laugh but i assume it was the combination of sacha baron cohen's ruthless acts to acheive famedome by any means--even if he has to bring peace to the palestinian and israeli fued-- and with the hint of realism that really made me have a laughing seizure in my red velvet seat. with all his satirical acts and trickery, it all came together beautifully as he further explores how gays are perceived in the u.s.

of course, this film is not for everyone. it was almost rated as NC-17. and amazingly, i wasnt really shocked with any of his ridiculous acts and more amused at the way he went about his tactics. and when i really think about it, i can almost call it a love story. yes that's right, a love story. And if you thought Borat was outrageous, DO NOT expect anything less than that from Bruno, because he will take you to the most uncomfortable places on earth that will surely make you feel like theres something up your back door. A-

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