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denzel is the shit.

denzel washington in an aammmmmmazing actor. i saw a clip of training day and i almost pissed my pants cause he scared me shitless. sadly his last film, pelham 123 flopped big time. we havent seen him in a good film in a very long time until now. check this trailer out for the book of eli. turns out the hughes brothers directed this. (say who?) honestly, i dont really know who they are considering ive never watched their films. (ie: dead presidents, american pimp, from hell) they all sound like they couldve been great films, if it hadnt been for their b rated stories and horrible titles. (american pimp. seriously?)

anywho, the cast is great, cinematography is awesome, and i love badass movies. denzel and gary oldman are by far (next to daniel day of course!) some of the few outstanding male actors ive ever seen on the screen. im hoping this film will not disappoint.

(the sound quality is bad)
and mila kunis is just not believable to me.
the second version of this trailer is out now but this one explained more of the story. but check out the second one cause most definitely its better.

p.s. what is this i hear denzel doing a inside man 2. inside man was great! why is spike lee trying to ruin his own film by making a sequel. come on spike, youre better than this!

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