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duncan jones' next.

duncan jones is soon to be my favorite director. why? first of all, he directed this summer's indie hit, moon. second, he is david bowie's son. third, his style and idea of filmmaking is something i couldnt even dream of myself. and everyone in the film industry, including me is drooling and patiently waiting for what he'll do next. liberty film (jones' production company) has highlighted a project in development called mute. 

firstshowing says: The single piece of art paints the picture of a Blade Runner-esque future with the dark tones of a film noir. All we know is Mute is a thriller about a mute bartender looking for his abducted girlfriend in a future Berlin and the antagonists of this story are a comedy duo.

some people might say it sounds a bit mr. vengeance-like but nonetheless, i believe in this fresh talent and i really do hope to see more of him. people need to bring film noir back. and judging by the photo alone, i have very high expectations of him after his phenomenal first feature film. 


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