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The Fourth Kind (2009)

i rather not put up a poster of the film because im honestly scared to death just looking at it!! i just watched a pre-screening at my school and all i can say is wow. i came home to research the film (like i always do) and found some creepy things on the internet. and considering that its the internet, not everything should be credible but it does make me wonder, who IS abigail tyler?

i almost glad that they showed almost all of the good footage already in the preview because it really does force people to reconsider the notion of aliens, no matter what belief system you have. who knows how well it will do in theaters seeing how liberal the contents are. and let me tell you, when milla jovovich came out in the trailer announcing that some things are very disturbing, she was not lying! ive watched unfathomably grotesque things in my day, but a live footage wrapped itself around my neck and choked me more than i expected.

and honestly i dont know what to believe! for those who refuse to believe in the film, i would probably ignorant denounce them as close minded! but watching this film, does make one think so critically if we're really alone. the film is not a masterpiece and looks more like the set of twilight with every progressing scene, but that should not hinder you from at least sneaking in to the theaters or bootlegging it online (but PREFERABLY, go to the theaters!!) just watch it and hopefully something will stir inside of you, something you've never felt in your life before: TRUE FEAR. rated: C. it comes out nov. 6.

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SevenAteNine at: October 9, 2009 at 12:58 PM said...

omg i cant wait to see this!

(you should show the poster, tho. let everyone get some of the scary.)

i've done some research too (we probably seen a lot of the same stuff)and cant reach a clear conclusion. my feeling is shes real and that what they show is genuine but i havent seen more than the trailer.

whats your feeling after getting to see it?

Emily Cato at: October 9, 2009 at 9:36 PM said...

Wow, so now I'm Definitely interested.

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