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let the wild rumpus start!

Where the wild things are (2009) lived up to its hype! no joke, spike jonze has surpassed his own reputation and can easily be compared to the epicness that is michael gondry. everything in this film was so surreal and beautiful that you honestly couldnt imagine a more heavenly utopia. max records who plays max, is really a rambunctious spirit who like every kid just wants to be uninhibited. after acting out in front of his mom's (catherine keener) new boyfriend (mark buffalo), he runs away from home to the place of the wild things.

i dont want to spoil anything but just seeing the "creatures" for the first time, it was very surreal experience. this is what every film should be like! not only is it a good escapist film but it entails a deep story about the human condition, no wonder kids didnt understand it at first. with its shakycam, the audience is in for a loopy and mind-blowing visual spectacular!

spike jonze can do no wrong. after directing being john malkovich (1999) and adaptation (2002), he had me. he creates another exclusive world that only you and him can enter and makes it so you never want to leave!

i cannot express enough how much this film means to me personally and professionally. as an aspiring filmmaker, jonze has been one of my many inspirations from day one. his visionary and universal subject injects the audience with an adrenaline that only drugs can provide. and while some may be high during the two hours of this spectacle, it is no wonder why that spike jonze has been one of the the most avant-garde and ground-breaking director of our generation. A

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Sylvia at: November 12, 2009 at 8:21 PM said...

I must see this movie!! Everybody is raving over it. Thanks for the review and thanks for checking out my blog! ;)


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