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a boy named avatar took me for a ride.

yes i saw avatar. yes i loved it. yes i am in love. hehe

avatar is like a roller coaster we've all been on before. but unlike any other roller coaster, james cameron has been nicely tucking and securing our seat belts for months, making sure that the anticipation of the upcoming ride will be well worth it. and without a moments notice, he smirks and send us off. and even though we know every turn, curve, dip, and twist, its not about destination he's mapped out for us but about the journey and struggle to get there.

as a filmmaker, it takes such an insane amount of tireless hours of endurance, passion, and drive to commit to a project and to know that another filmmaker has dedicated twelve years of his life to it says A LOT. not even kubrick has spent more than five years on his masterpieces. and this may be shocking but i can easily compare this film to be as monumental and a watershed to film history as star wars was back in 1977.

the technology that cameron has achieved and accomplished is astounding. i saw his callous hands dripping its exasperated sweat, drop by drop on every shot, and painting a surreal fantasy world of pure perfection. its nothing you've ever seen or have tried to imagine before. you have to see it to fully believe it. and dont even try to just watch it on the big screen. watch it in imax and in 3d! dont settle for anything less. i couldnt wait so i did but im going to watch it in 3d as well. and im sure itll be just as intense and spell binding as it was the first time.

and even though cameron has been prepping us for months, he exceeded my highest expectation. i couldnt imagine how and what cameron couldve done to make a film for twelve years and spend over 300 million dollars on it. like really? was that really necessary? haha YES. IT WAS VERY NECESSARY. i am still dumbfounded by the unrelenting force of technology that has been achieved through this film.

i honestly cannot begin to describe what the cerebral experience is wholly like. strap your seat belt, lay back, and slip on your 3d glasses cause what youre about to witness is a step into a virtual fantasy world that will drizzle you with ecstasy with every progressing scene you glide into. okokokokok enough. im literally going insane. the end. A-

bottom line: watch it. the visuals are insane. dont even pay attention to the dialogue. i basically almost cried cause of the technology. i love sam worthington. and it reassured me how much i love our precious planet earth.

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