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chapter one.

2009. this was the year, something incredible happened to me. i went through a portal and where it took me was somewhere i couldve never imagined. i experienced things ive never felt or done before. time didnt exist in this foreign land. it felt like i was meant to be here at this time and place almost like fate. i didnt know what my destiny was but reality was irrelevant. that moment we were living in seemed to be the only important thing worth caring about. but after six months of sheer bliss, due to my irrational humanistic flaws, i was thrown back and found awoke in my bed. there is no real proof that it ever happened. all i have left now are just memories that have plagued and diseased me. it is my temperamental memories that have permeated through my skin leaving their pestering stains which continuously tease and haunt me in my dreams and reality. there is no escape or distinction that can be clearly stated if anything is real anymore. but as i am incessantly reminded by my deformity, i cant help but contemplate through the silent, endless nights of what could've been....

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drknkook at: December 7, 2009 at 6:41 AM said...

why hello there alice

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