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the cove (2009)

dont read this if you dont want to read an angry rant.

i just finished watching the cove and i cant help but feel so sadden by the situation. ive been caught sniffling and drying my eyes a lot lately. but as i watched this film, i realized who cares if your heart has been ripped out of you or have a few limbs torn and discombobulated when the water around the cove creates red shadows under the sea everyday. who care about our pathetic lives? what are you living for? if were not able to stand up to the very thing that is keeping us alive as we speak. as we slowly disintegrate our planet earth, we are slowly killing ourselves as well. we are slowly committing suicide. each and every one of us.

the cove is a 2009 documentary film about the 23,000 dolphins being killed each year in the cove of taiji, japan.

ever since i was little i always said that dolphins were my favorite animals considering i grew up as a swimmer. and when i ask other people about their favorite animal, i get the usual answer, a dog or a cat. thats it, plain and simple. the whole world is surrounded with thousands of unique and exotic animals but their range has been narrowed down to only two. it is understandable and respected. but what im concerned with is that if my favorite animal is able to be slaughter so easily in the thousands every year, why couldnt the regular household pets be either? what makes an animal so different from one another?

for the first time this month, i caught myself crying over something that wasnt related to my life in the least significance. i dont know these animals. i dont know these people. i dont even live in the same country as them. and yet, i was able to shed a few tears as the screen colored red. but why? why should i even give a damn about these stupid animals? as humans, if we are so capable of anything in this world. ANYTHING AT ALL. and we settle and stoop down so low to unnecessarily slaughtering animals that arnt even required for food or medicine, why proceed on with it? if we are so capable of this, why not just start slaughtering dogs? cats? birds?

the cove is worth watching and worth knowing about. the film has been shortlisted for an oscar nomination at the 2010 academy awards and i really do hope it gets nominated and recognized cause this is one documentary that cannot be ignored.

please do something to help in any way by visiting this site. the cove.

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