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love letters to no one.

dear no one,

life turns twists and turns its tiny little wings in funny ways dont it? it wasnt until i fully opened my eyes that i saw and realized how high she can really fly. she turns and mocks me every chance she gets but i cant blame her because it is ultimately i who can turn back and stick my tongue out or keep on walking ahead. even as she draws endless circles around me with the clouds, i cant help but feel some remorse. even as i shout " im sorry. i love you i love you i love you! " on my bloody knees, but she continues to peck my chest harder and harder as the days pass. i try to run faster and faster but shes always there waiting for me at the end of the road. she wont leave me alone. she has taken something that has been so precious to me. as soon as i even feel a pint of happiness of her absence, she soars higher and dives down deeper aiming her razor lips at me. my little legs cant run any faster. i run, i jump, i try to fly like her. but all i see is that little stupid rock ready to trip me.

then everything goes black.

when i wake up, i see an old man standing above me. he looks frightened and baffled. how long have i been away? the thoughts form but my lips refuses to make them real. the old man cocks his head to the side and tries to speak. after a few minutes of hesitation, he stutters "miissss.... what happened to your heart?"

forever yours,

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