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im a film watching machine.

ok everyone knows that i write down all the films i have seen throughout the year. and this year, i surprisingly EXCCEEEDDED my expectations. no joke. last year i manage to watch around 130 new films. and this year i was able to kickass a whooping 180! and the years not even over yet. so this is my goal. im trying to reach 200 new films before 2010. and i think its very doable. there are seventeen more days til the new year and i only have to watch 20 more films. and yes, this sounds like a lot of films to watch but i honestly dont think ill be able to watch this many films in one year ever again so lets make the best of it! i guess i can call this an early new years resolution.

oh and be expecting the top ten greatest films of 2009 cause its coming. itll be awesome. i cant wait! and without spoiling anything, i can guarantee that

1. the hurt locker
2. thirst

are on the top of my list.

p.s. i honestly couldnt have done this without my film partner in crime. so thank you.

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Shibby at: December 15, 2009 at 12:23 AM said...

200 films!!!!! That's so many I cant believe you've watched that much, I see how it's possible though since I spend hours watching series of things :) Looking forward to the top ten it'll give me some good films to see :)

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