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yeeep, thats right. a man by the name of kees van dijkhuizen has been making annual film mashups since forevers. and this one is by far the best one i have ever seen.

i can proudly say that i can name the film of every clip that is shown in this glorious video. 2009 was definitely a year to remember for me in terms of films and personal life. the films of 2009 has helped shape my life in ways you cannot imagine. and as i watch this, i cant help but be reminded by every clip of the emotional roller coaster and life changing moments of this year. each film chronicles the ups and downs and curves and turns that has finally lead me to where i am today. as i unfasten my seat belt for the new upcoming year, i hesitate in fear of the new journey and films ahead of me. because its not just about the movies but the moments and people those films will bring with them.


this is not my top 2009 films list but these are the films that shaped my year.
1) up!
2) moon
3) thirst
4) 500 days of summer
5) the hurt locker
6) district 9
7) revolutionary road
8) american beauty
10) an education
11) the cove
12) up in the air
13) vengeance trilogy (always)

hahha fine. besides two or three of those up there, its basically my top film list of 2009. i havent watched a single man, and much more yet but im sure this list is pretty damn close to my yearly conclusive one. anyway, enjoy! i cant get enough of this video. it brings such nostalgia. i love it. and i love you.

the end.
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merry christmas everyone! i hope you enjoy this xmas to its fullest! have a merry christmas and a happy holiday!! i love you all! dearly and sincerely.

as for me, ill be working and probably be eating at dennys :P
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what did you think were the best film posters in the past 10 years? dont know? the auteurs picks their favorites right here!

i honestly cant think of all the film posters ive liked considering ive watched so many films just in the past three years, let alone think of all the film posters of the decade. but heres what i came up with. and yes most of them came out in 2009 but they were good!

lady vengeance was one of the auteur's choice but sadly did not make it to the top ten.

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dont read this if you dont want to read an angry rant.

i just finished watching the cove and i cant help but feel so sadden by the situation. ive been caught sniffling and drying my eyes a lot lately. but as i watched this film, i realized who cares if your heart has been ripped out of you or have a few limbs torn and discombobulated when the water around the cove creates red shadows under the sea everyday. who care about our pathetic lives? what are you living for? if were not able to stand up to the very thing that is keeping us alive as we speak. as we slowly disintegrate our planet earth, we are slowly killing ourselves as well. we are slowly committing suicide. each and every one of us.

the cove is a 2009 documentary film about the 23,000 dolphins being killed each year in the cove of taiji, japan.

ever since i was little i always said that dolphins were my favorite animals considering i grew up as a swimmer. and when i ask other people about their favorite animal, i get the usual answer, a dog or a cat. thats it, plain and simple. the whole world is surrounded with thousands of unique and exotic animals but their range has been narrowed down to only two. it is understandable and respected. but what im concerned with is that if my favorite animal is able to be slaughter so easily in the thousands every year, why couldnt the regular household pets be either? what makes an animal so different from one another?

for the first time this month, i caught myself crying over something that wasnt related to my life in the least significance. i dont know these animals. i dont know these people. i dont even live in the same country as them. and yet, i was able to shed a few tears as the screen colored red. but why? why should i even give a damn about these stupid animals? as humans, if we are so capable of anything in this world. ANYTHING AT ALL. and we settle and stoop down so low to unnecessarily slaughtering animals that arnt even required for food or medicine, why proceed on with it? if we are so capable of this, why not just start slaughtering dogs? cats? birds?

the cove is worth watching and worth knowing about. the film has been shortlisted for an oscar nomination at the 2010 academy awards and i really do hope it gets nominated and recognized cause this is one documentary that cannot be ignored.

please do something to help in any way by visiting this site. the cove.
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NINE! there are definitely more than nine reasons why i love NINE, but here it goes.

9 reasons why i loved nine:

1) this is the product of the endless inspiration federico fellini's 8 1/2 brought. lets go back in time and chronicle how nine was created. first fellini's 8 1/2. then inspired an italian play by mario fratti. which inspired the tony award-winning musical called nine based on arthur kopit's book. which inspired michael tolkin and the late anthony minghella to write a screenplay. and voila! thus rob marshall creating NINE!!

2) the story-line was switched around from the original 8 1/2 but it was done in such a creative way that even a fellini fanatic like myself cannot be mad about. although, keep in mind that nothing. let me say NOTHING will or ever top the original.

3) uhh... the cast! it consists of mostly academy award winners like dd-lewis, nicole kidman, judi dench, marion cotillard, penelope cruz and sophia loren! academy award nominee and golden globe winner kate hudson and grammy winner fergie is also in it. and uhhhh, when will they ever get the most beautiful and talented women and the greatest actor of our generation together in one huge screen ever again?!!

4) the wardrobe! god, d-lewis looked soooo good in that simple and classic white shirt and skinny black tie look. every outfit revealed something different about each character whether it was from cruz's red dressed matched up with a red fur coat or cotillard's simple yet stern little black dress. the two time oscar winner for costume design, colleen atwood returns back from her second win for chicago to dress the stars in nine. she won her first oscar for best wardrobe for memoirs of a geisha.

5) i want to be italian. it made me want to get more in touch with my italian side. i just took a italian cinema course and all their films are entirely relatable and heartbreaking. it makes you realize the importance of one's life. and i wanted to go to france this summer but now im thinking i should just go to italy. but sad as it is, i probably will go to france instead. but picking up some italian on the side doesnt sound so bad either. i think im going to start answering my phone in italian now. pronto?

6) the songs in nine. i honestly expected the songs to be a little better but the ones i liked, i LOVED. i shouldnt underestimate the power of fergie's voice cause she really can belt it out. fergie's be italian and kate hudson's cinema italiano are my two favorite songs from the film. with their instantly catchy lyrics and italian references, i couldnt help but feel like dancing along with them as they pranced around in their frilly underwear.

7) daniel day lewis. duh. if i had a man like dday right here, id probably be all over him like glue. its no wonder why all the women in the film love him, he is simply irresistible. i cant imagine anyone else playing guido contini. he brings out the selfish, arrogant, and the lost soul completely reminiscent of the original contini. this is the first film ive ever seen dday in where he is a womanizer and in a vulnerable state. the first time i saw him kiss a woman on screen was in the ballad of jack and rose. and let me tell you, his romantic scene with catherine keener was just so uncomfortable to watch. it was like watching a twelve year old kiss their crush in the 'ten minutes of heaven' closet for the first time. bland and awkward. but ill let that go considering that he is freaking daniel day lewis. *sigh.

8) it lets the world know more and more about the work of federico fellini. even though 8 1/2 is autobiographical, it is not entirely a full representation of who he is. its a film within a film about a film. and as soon as you think you know who fellini really was, he turns the table around and shows you that its all a fabrication. please do check out his work, theres so much truth in the world he creates.

9) my expectations for the film were really waaaaay to high that when i watched it, it couldnt really meet up. but nonetheless, it was a great film to watch. like they say in the movie, show them what we want. and thats exactly what we got. we got music, beautiful actors, designer wardrobe, and a fantastic story to go along with it. you honestly cant ask for more. B+
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i got my first christmas gift today by my friend andrew. and after delicately peeling each ribbon and paper apart, the pulitzer prize novel, the road was revealed. i havent read any of cormac mccarthy's books but knowing that literary critic harold bloom has named him as one of the four major american novelist of his time, says a lot. his previous novel no country for old men was adapted to a film as well by the coen brothers back in 2007. and his 1985 novel blood meridian is named one of the top 100 best english-language books between 1923 to 2005 by times magazine. blood meridian is also getting adapted into a film by producer scott rudin and is planned for a 2011 release.

at first i really didnt want to watch the road cause the film still was enough for me to know that this could be possibly just another depressing oscar film. but after having read that it took place in a post-apocalyptic tale, i was all in. and surprise surprise, i happen to get the book. and aptly, i suggested that we just go watch the film.

the road was directed by australian director john hillcoat and written by joe penhall. it stars viggo mortensen and kodi smit-mcphee as father and son in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. they struggle to survive a number of years after an ambiguous devastating cataclysm has destroyed civilization, plant life, and nearly wiped out all of mankind. with the scarcity of food and shelter, they continue to travel from town to town scavenging for any resources while trying to avoid a band of cannibals. the theme of morality and humanity comes into play in this film in such a powerful way that will send chills up your spine and into your brain cells.

i was grinding my teeth, pulling my hair, shuffling my feet, and squinting with every progressing scene. i honestly was not prepared to see this film today. (usually, i like to prepare myself before watching intense films) and knowing that i had not watched the trailer, i did not know what to expect. even while i was holding my breath through half the film, the film itself was a breath of fresh air. i dont remember the last INTENSE film ive seen but this film actually made me scared at some points. my constant fear was a reminder of how raw and important this film really is. it consumes and cuts through you like a knife making you confront your most deepest and unimaginable fear about humanity's fervent capacity to persist and persevere.

i left the theater with a swirling headache of shock and awe. im still shaken by some of the scenes and incidents that occurred in the film. dont worry, theres no blood but just raw emotions just fusing and pulsating out of the screen and into your body. this is possibly one of the most compelling and commanding films to come out in 2009. A
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yes i saw avatar. yes i loved it. yes i am in love. hehe

avatar is like a roller coaster we've all been on before. but unlike any other roller coaster, james cameron has been nicely tucking and securing our seat belts for months, making sure that the anticipation of the upcoming ride will be well worth it. and without a moments notice, he smirks and send us off. and even though we know every turn, curve, dip, and twist, its not about destination he's mapped out for us but about the journey and struggle to get there.

as a filmmaker, it takes such an insane amount of tireless hours of endurance, passion, and drive to commit to a project and to know that another filmmaker has dedicated twelve years of his life to it says A LOT. not even kubrick has spent more than five years on his masterpieces. and this may be shocking but i can easily compare this film to be as monumental and a watershed to film history as star wars was back in 1977.

the technology that cameron has achieved and accomplished is astounding. i saw his callous hands dripping its exasperated sweat, drop by drop on every shot, and painting a surreal fantasy world of pure perfection. its nothing you've ever seen or have tried to imagine before. you have to see it to fully believe it. and dont even try to just watch it on the big screen. watch it in imax and in 3d! dont settle for anything less. i couldnt wait so i did but im going to watch it in 3d as well. and im sure itll be just as intense and spell binding as it was the first time.

and even though cameron has been prepping us for months, he exceeded my highest expectation. i couldnt imagine how and what cameron couldve done to make a film for twelve years and spend over 300 million dollars on it. like really? was that really necessary? haha YES. IT WAS VERY NECESSARY. i am still dumbfounded by the unrelenting force of technology that has been achieved through this film.

i honestly cannot begin to describe what the cerebral experience is wholly like. strap your seat belt, lay back, and slip on your 3d glasses cause what youre about to witness is a step into a virtual fantasy world that will drizzle you with ecstasy with every progressing scene you glide into. okokokokok enough. im literally going insane. the end. A-

bottom line: watch it. the visuals are insane. dont even pay attention to the dialogue. i basically almost cried cause of the technology. i love sam worthington. and it reassured me how much i love our precious planet earth.
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the anticipation for avatar is probably killing everyone but have no fear cause the day is here! accordingly to entertainment weekly, here is 8 things you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AVATAR!

1. it takes place in the future when earth has run out of oil.

2. a moon called Pandora is home to the Na'vi tribe. they live in a giant tree that sits on a vast store of a mineral called unobtainium, which humans want as an energy supply.

3. cameron gave the na'vi feline features to make them more relatable.

4. the na'vi can commune with animals on their planet by literally plugging their ponytails into the creatures nervous systems.

5. to become a warrior, a na'vi must tame and ride a creature known as banshee.

6. sigourney weavers isnt trying to kill aliens-- shes a scientist trying to protect them.

7. steven spielberg, peter jackson, and many others visited the avatar set to check out cameron's new technology.

8. pandora is one of the many moons orbiting a giant gas planet. if avatar is successful, cameron hopes to explore the other moons in future sequels, book, and spin offs. --JR

i cant wait for this weekend. itll be insane. hopefully ill be able to watch it along with my 2o films. i hope to hear some of your thoughts after the weekend.
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imagine tarantino, jackson, cameron, reitman, daniels, and bigelow all in one room talking about their films. yyyyep, its real. ccccheck it out!!!

this is honestly so exciting! i love filmmaker talk! the size difference of tarantino and jackson is quite astonishing.

and considering that award season just started, be expecting non-stop news about these new films from here on till February!
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do you smell that? no its not chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes baking. nor is it the pine drizzling off the christmas tree. but!

its the glorious smell of award season!!! its officially my favorite season!! this morning they announced the 2010 golden globes nominees and i couldnt be happier!!!

this is soooo awesome.

best picture:
the hurt locker
inglourious basterds
up in the air

best director:
kathryn bigelow ' the hurt locker '
james cameron ' avatar '
clint eastwood ' invictus '
jason reitman ' up in the air '
quentin tarantino ' inglourious basterds '

i love this. i truly do. i think the real two big contenders are kathryn bigelow's the hurt locker and jason reitman's up in the air. but what im so giddy about is the two used-to-be-married couple going up against each other. im talking about james cameron and kathryn bigelow! they were married from 1989 to 1991. and to see them come this far and go for best picture and director is too much to handle. this is sooo exciting im salivating right now! ( i swear the hollywood foreign press did this on purpose)

the golden globes will air on january 17.
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ok everyone knows that i write down all the films i have seen throughout the year. and this year, i surprisingly EXCCEEEDDED my expectations. no joke. last year i manage to watch around 130 new films. and this year i was able to kickass a whooping 180! and the years not even over yet. so this is my goal. im trying to reach 200 new films before 2010. and i think its very doable. there are seventeen more days til the new year and i only have to watch 20 more films. and yes, this sounds like a lot of films to watch but i honestly dont think ill be able to watch this many films in one year ever again so lets make the best of it! i guess i can call this an early new years resolution.

oh and be expecting the top ten greatest films of 2009 cause its coming. itll be awesome. i cant wait! and without spoiling anything, i can guarantee that

1. the hurt locker
2. thirst

are on the top of my list.

p.s. i honestly couldnt have done this without my film partner in crime. so thank you.
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dear no one,

for the past three months, ive been banging my head against the wall hoping it will help me forget every moment, every touch, every smile, every kiss, every breath, and every heartbeat. i couldnt and didnt stop till one day he laid his hand on my shoulder and asked me to stop. he looked down at me with his big brown eyes and with a hammer in hand, did it for me.

the next morning i woke up feeling refreshed, anew, ecstatic! what was i going to do today? what was i to wear? who was i suppose to be? i couldnt decide. all i knew was that i was ignorantly blissful of my stupid and hollow life. after a few months of carrying on a minimalist life. a man unexpectedly came to my door and asked me out on a date. he told me to wear the most extravagant black dressed that i owned because it was going to be a very special date. i didnt know who this man was but i didnt care. i gleefully bought the first black dress i saw and like clockwork at 9 pm, he was at my door.

where were we going to go? what were we going to do? a million possibilities were running marathons in my head. where we arrived to wasnt like any typical dating setting ive been to. this was no restaurant. this was no movie theater. we arrived at a desolate park with hunchbacked trees caressing the grass with its loving arms. the fog was as thick as the muddy ground that tried to keep me. then out of the darkness, i saw a blob of people who like me were wearing black. where were we? why did he take me here? as we walked closer, i noticed a large box in front of everyone. as i peer over the box to see what was in it, i couldnt help but feel a sting of confusion.

it was a girl. she looked about my age. as i analyzed closer, i saw that we shared the same nose and mouth. she had freckles and dimples in the exact places that i had. who was she? why does she look like me? the wrinkles in my forehead ironed straight and my eyes widened. that girl couldnt and cant be me can she? i was here. i felt my rubbery flesh under my callous fingers. im here. im alive. thats not me. but if thats not me, who is she? i turn to see the other mourners. but as i turn someone blurs their faces with watercolors. a wave of fear washed over me. i turn around to look for my date but he's gone. the blotches of people start to circle and close in on me. theres no where to escape! theres too many of them! i scream stop stop stop! but it's useless.

i just look up and gaze at the dark and tainted sky as a swarm of crows fly by.

forever yours,
ignorantly blissful.
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its done! production for gary the ghost hunter is done! im so excited for it to be edited and premiered!! brandon kendall is the director of this awesome short film and he was kind enough to let me on his crew! i was a script supervisor and it was tiring/fun/crazy/toomuchdonutsandpizzas/amazing!! yeah, all those things. here are some production photos i took.

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dear no one,

life turns twists and turns its tiny little wings in funny ways dont it? it wasnt until i fully opened my eyes that i saw and realized how high she can really fly. she turns and mocks me every chance she gets but i cant blame her because it is ultimately i who can turn back and stick my tongue out or keep on walking ahead. even as she draws endless circles around me with the clouds, i cant help but feel some remorse. even as i shout " im sorry. i love you i love you i love you! " on my bloody knees, but she continues to peck my chest harder and harder as the days pass. i try to run faster and faster but shes always there waiting for me at the end of the road. she wont leave me alone. she has taken something that has been so precious to me. as soon as i even feel a pint of happiness of her absence, she soars higher and dives down deeper aiming her razor lips at me. my little legs cant run any faster. i run, i jump, i try to fly like her. but all i see is that little stupid rock ready to trip me.

then everything goes black.

when i wake up, i see an old man standing above me. he looks frightened and baffled. how long have i been away? the thoughts form but my lips refuses to make them real. the old man cocks his head to the side and tries to speak. after a few minutes of hesitation, he stutters "miissss.... what happened to your heart?"

forever yours,
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2009. this was the year, something incredible happened to me. i went through a portal and where it took me was somewhere i couldve never imagined. i experienced things ive never felt or done before. time didnt exist in this foreign land. it felt like i was meant to be here at this time and place almost like fate. i didnt know what my destiny was but reality was irrelevant. that moment we were living in seemed to be the only important thing worth caring about. but after six months of sheer bliss, due to my irrational humanistic flaws, i was thrown back and found awoke in my bed. there is no real proof that it ever happened. all i have left now are just memories that have plagued and diseased me. it is my temperamental memories that have permeated through my skin leaving their pestering stains which continuously tease and haunt me in my dreams and reality. there is no escape or distinction that can be clearly stated if anything is real anymore. but as i am incessantly reminded by my deformity, i cant help but contemplate through the silent, endless nights of what could've been....

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dear santa,

obviously, im not expecting you to get me everything on my christmas list so all im asking is for you to get me half! or even a quarter of it.

1. of course the vengeance trilogy. ive been wanting this for life. and so maybe now i could finally get it please?

2. ghost world comic book: possibly the greatest comic book ever! ha, what do i know i havent even read it yet. but the film was awesome.

3. mac red lipstick

4. those effing lolita heart sunglasses

5. sartre's exstentialism is a humanism!!! definitely a must read.

6. oh why hello there! i really want a pet and so if i could get anything it would be a baby turtle!!

7. and oh yes, a book shelf. its very needed in my miniscule loft.

yes santa, it seems like im asking a lot but im really not. and if youre not able to get me all these delicious gifts, then ill just ask for one thing. like mariah says in her most effing-fantastic mv,

all i want for christmas is....

YOU! to be insanely elated and appreciative of your every waking life! i love you all! sincerely and truly! i would like to think that my love never decays or dwindles. so when i say i love you once, it should reverberate and suffice for a whole life-time. and yes, that goes for you too. you know who you are, tehehe.
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