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hello 2010!

how was new years for everyone?! mine was possibly the best one ive ever had. all i really need is some dancing in my life and ill be good!

and yes!! i finished my 200 films for 2009! honestly, i really did watch more than 200 films this year considering film school and all but if i fell asleep while watching them, i dont count em. but! out of the ones ive managed to stay awake in, this is my top ten films of 2009.

1) moon
2) 500 days of summer
3) the hurt locker (best film of 09! no joke. watch it)
4) district 9
5) an education
6) up!
7) avatar
8) the cove
9) up in the air (it was adventureland before but watched uita again and its better)
10) the road

aaaaaaaaaaand. heres a recap of the two-double-o films that were witnessed in the ginormously epic year of 2009

january 13: revolutionary road

january 24: audition

february 12: little children

february 21: rachel getting married


march 14: metropolis

march 29: tokyo!

april 3: adventureland
april 12: 2046

april 22: earth

may 3: the limits of control

may 8: sin nombre

may 15: rudo y cursi

may 29: up!

june 1: best in show

june 20: sunshine

june 25: moon and 5oo days of summer!!!

june 30: 28 days later

july 8: synecdoche, ny

july 11: the night of the iguana

july 12: bruno!

july 18: harry potter and the half-blood prince and the hurt locker!

august 19: dog day afternoon

august 26: thirst!

september 2: the wild strawberries

september 10: a hard day's night

september 17: if. chungking express. the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

september 26: whip it!

september 30: belle de jour

oct 4: funny girl

oct 15: a serious man

oct 16: where the wild things are. couples retreat. new york, i love you.

oct 28: repulsion

nov 1: anti-christ

nov 14: an education

nov 22: salo

nov 29: fantastic mr. fox. ninja assassin.

dec 12: paper heart

dec 17: russian ark. julie and julia

dec 18: avatar. whatever works.

dec 22: the cove

dec 28: margot at the wedding

dec 30: tron. ghostbusters!!!

2009 was such a glorious year for film and i doubt ill be able to watch this many films ever again unless i turn into a film critic. but for the start of a new decade, i have new plans and goals! for the most part ill be trying to:

1) make more short films
2) become more worldly and start traveling
3) start cooking and baking
4) read more books!!

its 2010! and judging by the great start, i know this year will be just EPIC! au revoir!

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