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my rubbery skin is starting to disintegrate before my eyes
i almost cant put the pieces together from the person you were
little time has gone by but all the memories have started to fade.
our hands were tied together but you kept chewing on the ropes.
we were bound by fate.
but you wanted freedom.
as the days went on, the chewing increased
on november 14, with one last bite, it unraveled all at once
the rubbing of the eyes has only made my skin into sand paper
but thats how the internal side of me feels
rough and rigid
the wigs to my life have been changing and morphing,
hoping that you wont recognize me underneath the bruises that have formed and stained.
the rubbing of the skin has only worsened it.
as i stand in front of myself, the only person i see is a shadow
but im not scared. i accept this.
itll be the closest thing to not being who i was.

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