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sundance 2010

gaaaad, i cant wait for the day when i can actually go to sundance for free! hahha a girl can dream right? well all i can hope is for my film to one day be premiered at sundance. oohhhhh the excitement! and until that day comes, ill keep on updating you on the latest films shown at the infamous park city festival.

Get Low (2009)

aaron schneider's cinematography work includes the films kiss the girls and simon birch. he has won an oscar for best short subject called two soldiers. and now, he is out for make his directorial debut with get low. get low stars robert duvall as felix, a man who threw his own funeral in the 1930s tennessee. it also stars sissy spacek, bill murray, lucas black and many others.

im assuming this will be hilarious just by the absolutely ridiculous premise. this is something i would say and want to do. i just never thought anyone wouldve suggested it and actually have accomplished. hehe.

Howl (2010)

howl is centered on the obscenity trial allen ginsberg faced after the publication of his poem, howl. the poem is considered one of the most important works of the beat generation along with jack kerouac's on the road and william burroughs' naked lunch. the poem was deemed as to be obscene and the poet/publisher was arrested and charged with its publication. on oct 3, 1957, the poem was ruled out as not obscene and howl went on to become one of the most popular poem of the beat generation.

when i was 15/16, i wanted to be part of the beat generation and was encouraged and inspired to read most of jack kerouac's books and others. they rejected the mainstream american values, experimented with drugs and forms of sexuality and had an interest in eastern spirituality. im not saying that i wanted to be drugged up and have sex with every person i met. but, the new wave of freedom and liberation in the us was first inspired and developed by them. if you havent read any of novels of the beat generation, i strongly suggest you do.

howl stars james franco as allen ginsberg and other actors like mary-louise parker, jeff daniels, jon hamm.

Hesher (2010)

i cant find a decent synopsis to this film but to sum it up, hesher is a story about a family struggling to deal with a loss and the anarchist head banger who helps them through it.
this odd and refreshing new mix of my favorite actors have already got my vote to see the film.
joesph gordon-levitt, natalie portman, rainn wilson. i dont think it gets better than that. itll be fun to see the vastly different characters interact with each other. i think the director can explain it to you better than i can..

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