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phoenix in somewhere

the prospect of musicians scoring films didnt sound promising to me. maybe its cause ive been inundating my ears in the orchestra ballads of a single man and 2046. but after reading an article that indie french band phoenix was scoring sophia coppola's next film, somewhere, i was actually ecstatic. not only are her films formulated with such perfection but her impeccable choice of music is even better. although, it is not completely surprising considering that she has a child and another one on the way with the front man, thomas mars. but nonetheless, im sure it'll be amazing and i cant wait!

somewhere is a dramedy directed sofia coppola (lost in translations, the virgin suicides) and starring stephen dorff and elle fanning. it is expected to come out this year. !!!!!!!

p.s. i hear that daft punk is scoring tron legacy!!!! itll be one ammmmmmmmazing ride!!!

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