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will you be my blue valentine?

i thought this would be very apt considering sundance just ended and its almost valentines day to introduce blue valentine. los angeles times has named their top seven films from sundance which includes the love story between a married couple (gosling & williams) and chronicles the evolution of their love within multiple time periods.

los angeles times says:

"Blue Valentine" -- The only movie with any
stars on this list; in fact, it's the only scripted feature made for more than a tiny budget that's on this list. But it's here for good reason. There's an almost hypnotic quality to how Derek Cianfrance shot his marital drama, and how stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play the couple carrying out that drama. Even when they're fighting like De La Hoya and Pacquiao, you can't take your eyes off their interaction, so intense and believable it's almost chemical.

and by the photographs, i can see what he means. i hope this turns out to be what im expecting it to be. and what im expecting is a timeless love story about the first true love in our lives which like polaroids slowly develop to capture the only momentary innocence and happiness in our persistently evolving lives...

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