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Chloe (2009)

honestly, ive never seen any atom egoyan's films. before chloe, i had never heard of his award-winning films, exotica or the sweet hereafter which got numerous nominations at cannes. chloe is his most commercial film thus far. and although, i havent seen his films before, it is evident that chloe was concocted and manipulated by none other than a foreign director.

chloe is a 2009 erotic thriller starring the beautiful julianne moore, liam neeson, and amanda seyfried. catherine (moore) suspects her husband (neeson) is cheating on her. to discover the truth, she hires an escort (seyfried) to investigate and eventually pursue her husband. through unforeseen events, chloe puts the family in great danger.

it is no surprise that they had erin crassida wilson (secretary, fur) write the screenplay based on the 2004 french film, nathalie. when describing chloe, erotic is just scratching the surface. the film was surprisingly and refreshingly raw. although initially its chloe's story, it soon swivels the outcome as catherines. and even though you have never seen seyfried in a role like this before, it is moore who commands the screen every time. like catherine, the audience is taken on a journey that shockingly takes drastic turns and falls. its a brain teaser trying to figure out whats the truth and who to believe. it is not any easier deciphering catherine's true intentions without pointing fingers to her estrogen induced emotions.

you have never seen moore and seyfried hotter together. they share a particular intimate scene and not to be a perv, but i was grinning with glee by the unrelenting presentation of real intimacy and affection. this is a real gem. but chloe's lack of emotional layers arnt peeled or revealed as much as we would like for it to be. nonetheless, the film is completely spellbinding and well, erotic. just that word makes you want to uncover the truth and watch the film without feeling like a perv. B-

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raita 2 at: April 6, 2010 at 3:05 AM said...

i've never heard of this movie but it seems interesting =)amanda seyfried is so stunningly beautiful! in these pics she looks like a fairytale character =)


Teresa at: April 21, 2010 at 9:54 PM said...

I read the preview of this movie and was a little interested in seeing Amanda Seyfried in this role. Will have to add to my list.


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