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im very narcissistic.

with that said, i would like to announce that i have made other blog! (like i need another thing to keep up with!!! whew...) considering that im very interested in many things, i thought it would be nice to actually be able to share them without it interfering in this film-centric blog. over the past few months, i have been interested in the three f's. what are they? other than the million of other things im infatuated with, it is film (duh), fashion (expected), and... football (wait, what?!). or shall i say, futbol. (ok, i must admit im just a novice on this topic, but its become quite thrilling) what do all these f's have in common? in my mind, these three things are the they are a universal language in itself. i can go anywhere on our glorious earth and chat with anyone about any of these three topics and our cultural differences would shrink by a milestone. and i guess that can be said about anything depending on the person but these are three things that help my world spin around. and considering that i rarely talk about these topics publicly (ahem, besides film obviously) and other fascinations, i thought id be very apt to call my blog, dun dUN DDDUUNN!!

but in no way does that mean that im going to neglect this one. this ones by first baby and ill always take care of it first! enjoy!!

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