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independent film quarterly.

apparently, i now write for the independent film quarterly. even though i am still a novice in film critiquing, my previous intern gave me the priviledge to write for their quarterly magazine. my reviews are not as extensive as the other veteran film critics, but suffice it to say they deliver its terse message efficiently. i have already posted some of them on my blog but check it out to acutally see them on a legit film magazine! and i will definitely be sure to try to improve my writing skills cause my fingers are definitely lazy right now.

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Robbin at: March 9, 2010 at 9:23 PM said...

congrats so! pls be the next ebert!!!

- Robbin

oh and secret sunshine is the korean film for which jeon do yeon won best actress at cannes back in 07:


btw i think you would look ADORABLE in polkadots!

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