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AHHHHHH!!! its today! im estatic! im actually so excited in fact that im going to bake cupcakes for basically everyone and dress up a little better than usual (probably not) and just piiiiiiiig out! please tune in to watch 82nd annual academy awards considering that you might be witnessing history. if kathryn bigelow wins tonight, she will be the first woman to EVER win best picture AND best director. and lets not forget her biggest competitor, her ex-husband, who is most common known as james cameron, heard of him? its definitely a good conflict to add the this year's show. i dont think i was this excited for the oscars since 2007 when i desperately wanted d-day to win his second, but well deserving oscar. alrighty, enough said. tune in to see who wins! and if not, ill probably be updating you every minute of the grand showdown. abc, 5pm est.

p.s. whos down?


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