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spike jonze's im here.

spike jonze's highly anticipated short, im here, is finally released on imheremovie.com. this 30- minute robot love story was premiere at the 2010 sundance film fest and then thereafter at the berlinale.

filmofilia.com says, I’m Here is a love story about two robots living in contemporary Los Angeles. The sad-eyed robot librarian Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) leads a lonely and methodical life, until he one day meets Francesca, a creative and free-spirited female robot (played by Sienna Guillory). Robot romance develops and the story is just as beautiful as it is unpredictable.

oh and dont worry, if you get to the site which is set up as a theater and expect to wait for the next screening for multiple hours at a time. considering that it is globally released, im sure fans from all over the world have already filled up the seats as soon as possible. but patience my friends because jonze's new film sounds like a masterpiece worth waiting for... :D

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The Man from Amsterdam at: March 30, 2010 at 6:31 AM said...

oh oh I am so looking forward to this short film by him, thanks for sharing!

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