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breaking upwards

itunes writes: Breaking Upwards' follows a young, real—life New York couple in a fictional narrative loosely inspired by their open relationship. After four years together, the two have grown stifled. Desperate to escape their ennui, but fearful of life apart, they decide to intricately strategize their own break up. Based on an actual experiment in real—life devised by filmmakers and partners, Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister—Jones, the film interprets a year in their lives exploring alternatives to monogamy, and the madness that ensues. The couple inhabits a hyper—articulate, emotionally layered world where twenty—somethings are portrayed in a complex and thoughtful new light. An uncensored look at young love, lust, and the pangs of codependency, 'Breaking Upwards' follows its characters as they navigate each others' emotions across the city they love. It begs the question: is it ever possible to grow apart together?

and what the fuck is this? a breaking upwards rap video? chhyeaaa...

i really think this is going to be really awesome. or extremely, emotionally, draining.
and it should be out april 9th at the laemmle in la.

2 critiques :

yiqin; at: April 4, 2010 at 5:19 AM said...

I wonder when it'll be out here!!

Harry McKinley at: April 6, 2010 at 9:32 AM said...

This looks great, I'll def check it out

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