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babies. (2010)

thomas balmes knew what he was doing when he decided he wanted to make a documentary about babies. yes, in fact, babies are very intriguing to watch--witnessing their developing features and behaviors and adapting to each environment is a spectacle that should be seen. but within this film that is an explosion of cuteness, there is not that much is taught or learned. to balmes, he wanted to capture the daily life of a baby in all its glory. but the audiences (or shall i say females) that the film is targeted to, it is nothing but a spectacle of babies cooing, crawling around, walking. it is a documentary without a narrative. the film is surprisingly heartfelt, joyous, and well, really freaking cute. but what were left is with are images of babies from four different continents. we are unmoved and unenlightened. but really, whos going to say no to these cuties. C

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Sofie at: May 14, 2010 at 2:25 AM said...

I read about this film!
explosion of cuteness? I could watch that ^ ^
but if it doesn't have a narrative I may fall asleep.

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