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the human centipede (2010)

the nuart loves showing some fucked up movies. my friends and i walked out of the theater choked with the same feeling we got after watching lar von trier's anti-christ. WHAT. THE. FUCK. on one hand, it feels me hope as a filmmaker that i can make a film, on the other, the film itself is a very clever film and scheme to make a ton of money. people eat this kind of shit up. whether it is machine girl, robogeisha, or something just as ridiculous like the human centipede, people are willing to spend their ten bucks to witness the outrageous, quite disturbingly humourous spectacle. but who wouldnt. (case in point, even i did) it was something that had to be seen to believe.

but unlike anti-christ, it lacked the artistic suave of true filmmaking. but who am i to say its not? i guess it can be better deemed as a B Horror film, which it is with unnecessary comedic relief which is just as ridiculous as the rest of the film. but what i give them huge points on are its poster design. it ACTUALLY makes you want to watch the film! note to self: dont be deceived by its cover!! but regardless, it is an experience whether you watch it in theaters or on tv. just dont expect anything more than a sideshow of absurdities all strung together like eerrm... a human centipede. :D

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