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sex and the city 2 (2010)

for fellow sex and the city fanatics like myself, it is common knowledge that michael patrick king, who have written and directed most of the series' episodes, is an utter genius. and let me say that within the context of the series. but what should enthrall fanatics with the second installment of the franchise's widely successful first film, is a flop. the trailers continuously lowball audiences into thinking that a film will actually be good and that satc 2 would be no exception. it was too good to be true. aiden (john corbett) was back and gasps and shrills were heard across the nation by middle age women (like myself, tehehe). with the twist like that, what could possibly go wrong?

apparently everything. king knows what every girl wants and he usually delivers with the mind-blowing fashion, witty lines, deliciously handsome men, and gasp worthy plot twist that continuously leave hopeless romantics around the world salivating for more. only this time, he knew that with the dedicated fans he has accumulated from other the years that he can just half ass the sequel. as an avid fan, there are many things i would have changed. but that doesnt give away to the amount of dismay i have over the fashion, witty lines, or plot twists. indeed in every scene, the four women possessed immaculately hand-picked outfits complimenting their personality. but not for a moment were the hundreds of bug-eyed women i was sitting with truly impressed with their attire. yes they were on more conservative ground but nonetheless, it didnt command the scene like the pink number did in the first film. (you all know which pink dress im talking about!)

as the girls escape from their big city troubles. there is little to no sex or the city to be seen. as they shuffle their jimmy choos through the dunes of abu dhabi, i cant help but wonder, was it really necessary to emphasize the widening caste system between the americans and the arabs? i almost strayed away from the story as i was sympathizing more for their servant than their actual "problems." but enough ranting from your average satc fangirl, i guess those sayings are right: the worse the reviews, the more money the film makes. but im sure king knew that all along... :D C

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