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you are my blue valentine.

for those avid readers, you probably already knew this from my valentines post. but for those new readers, let me let you in on the news. derek cianfrance is coming out with a new drama with ryan gosling and michelle williams as married couple, whos undying love starts to dwindle as time passes.

time is essentially their enemy and this is no news for anyone. time can warp and twist anyone into someone completely different. in many ways, its an inevitable process. the love that we once thought was so real and passionate can be deemed as stagnant and bland just years later. love that is suppose to be so empowering and everlasting becomes fickle with its emotions. just the photographs alone make me want to see the film. not only is it passionate but real. these are real events that take place in everyone's lives. and like time, they are inevitable.

look how effing gorgeous they are. heres a first look clip of the film. supposedly it comes out dec 31, 2010!!!

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