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'let me in' trailer

omgomgomgomgomgomgomg. ive been waiting for this trailer for some time now. and the longer ive waited the longer this taste of bitterness and distaste for remakes has been left on my tongue. for those who havent seen let the right one in, the 2008 swedish film which left audiences across the globes in awe with its jaw-droppingly stunning cinematography and direction. so why the remake? but what can i say? the americans think that they can do it better. if you havent seen it yet, do it. you'll be doing yourself the biggest favor of your life.

as much as i love chloe moretz (kickass) and have deemed her as my long lost twin, i dont think she is very fitting for this part. as for kodi smit-mcphee (the road), i think he looks almost identical to the original that made him so fitting for the part. and his suberb acting skills isnt so bad either. but check out the trailer. for fans of the original, be cautious! the film comes out oct. 1 2010. and yes, ill be watching it for sure.

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