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The Expendables (2010)

(see how i wrote it in capital letters and bolded it in red, i mean serious business)

Beth accomando from kpbs.org wrote "the expendables is like dating a jock--no sparkling conversation or subtlety but great to have around when you need to blow shit up or kick some ass." well said beth accomando from kpbs. hahahaha fifteen minutes into the film, Sylvester was talking in his usual incoherent slurs and gestures and it got to a point where my friend and i looked at one another and said, "what the hell is going on?!" not only were we suppose to watch steroid injected men fight each other in hopes of recreating their glory years but now we were to sit and listen to these men talk about nonsense. uh no, not happening. thats probably why i fell asleep.

this was a real opportunity for the "greatest" action heroes of all time to come together and truly make a good action flick. but the ball was missed when the executives let stallone himself direct this film. where was the direction? wasnt there a producer holding his hand and guiding him through the process one second at a time? oh well, he blew his chance. now, lesson learned, dont bring action-flick icons together unless you are really going to make a kick-ass film that will throw the audience off their seat. D

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Anonymous at: September 10, 2010 at 6:48 PM said...

The Expendables was everything I hoped it would be! Can't wait to see it again! http://bit.ly/cf0q3y

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